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Kent Association of Headteachers


All Headteachers working in schools in Kent, whether maintained, Academy or Free Schools, are members of the Kent Association of Headteachers (KAH).
The KAH has an Executive Board and four Area Boards.  Each Area Board has Headteacher representation from primary, secondary, special schools and PRUs. Each Board also has representation from the Local Authority and Teaching Schools, to allow strong partnership working.
The Aim and Objectives of the KAH are:
To establish a school-led sustainable self-improving system in Kent, through a strategic partnership between all schools, the local authority and other partners.
  • To support school-led continuous improvement of performance.
  • To increase leadership capacity in the county’s schools
  • To promote partnerships and networks that support school-led improvement.
  • To act as the voice of Kent Headteachers.
The KAH develops and delivers an action plan each year, based on priorities identified through the Area Boards and informed by school performance data.  For 2016-17, the six priority areas are:
Priority 1:         To improve outcomes in Ofsted inspections
Priority 2:         To raise achievement and narrow gaps
Priority 3:         To increase leadership capacity
Priority 4:         To support the development of formal and sustainable partnerships between schools
Priority 5:         To promote mental health and wellbeing of students
Priority 6:         To continue the strategic development of the KAH
Funding for school-to-school support for school improvement
Each year the KAH has been allocated funds by the Schools Funding Forum which are distributed by the Area Boards to collaborations of schools via a bidding and review process.  Through this process, the KAH has enabled groups of schools to work together to address the priorities identified in the action plan.
Information about the KAH can be found on the KELSI web-site on this link:
A KAH web-site is in the process of development.
A regular KAH newsletter is sent to Headteachers. 
Leadership Strategy
A leadership strategy has been developed in partnership with the KMTSN and the LA.  This link takes you to a summary of the strategy:
The KAH has commissioned LLSE (Leadership Learning South East) to implement the strategy.  
A new Headteacher induction programme has been developed as part of the Leadership Strategy. 

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